While commercial plumbing needs may range from hot water to storm water, a common thread can be found within those uncommon elements—conservation and savings. Conserving resources and saving money is what A & N Design Group Inc.’s Plumbing Design team does best, and something your building needs most. It means you can save now and save later.

When A & N Design Group Inc. designs water distribution systems (domestic/potable water) you know they are built to protect both public and plumbing health. When we architect hot water piping and plumbing fixture selection, you know that hot water will be piped to those fixtures in the time and amounts needed. Our signature is equally evident throughout the plumbing infrastructure—in fire suppression, filtration, mechanical, cleaning, process equipment, even landscape irrigation.

We believe energy should be conserved as much as resources. Low-energy and low-flow are words we live by. Chosen and installed correctly, fixtures like water heaters and circulation systems keep water, and therefore money, literally from going down the drain. And we do more than just talk about alternative fuels, frequently designing for bio-diesel, wind farms, and solar energy sources.

While you may not want wasted water going down the drain, sometimes you do need provisions for water to go somewhere–in particular, storm water and sewage. A & N Design Group Inc.’s plumbing team tackles this unglamorous design work with unexpected zeal, drafting paths and points of contact from your building’s sewer system to containment or disposal, offsite or on, with separate or common building waste streams. And moving storm water quickly away with no downstream damage.

Every facility’s domestic water, plumbing fixtures, sewer, and storm water systems should be as unique as who and what it is was built for. Knowing this, A & N Design Group Inc.’s Plumbing Design Engineers excel at devising solutions that trump unique and border on extraordinary. High-energy consultants driving low-energy consumption innovations.